Day Two of Cleanse

Today, I weigh 152.4 lbs – I feel a bit lighter.  I have had a bit of a headache and a kind of garlic taste in my mouth.  I was really tired yesterday afternoon as well.  We shall see how today goes.


Day One – Renew CleanseSmart Cleanse

Today, I started a 30 day cleanse.  My starting weight is a whopping 153.6 lbs – not good for me.  So, hopefully this cleanse will help me to feel refreshed and kick start me to get back on a healthy path.

I’m not sure if there is any true benefit to cleansing but it has to feel good to spring clean the body… right? 

I am going to document my 30 days of cleansing…

This morning, within the first half of an hour I felt a rumble in my intestines… off to the can I ran… could it be working this quickly?  Or, was that just a coincidence?  It seems kind of gross to talk about this sort of thing but I am likely the only one reading it… so it shouldn’t bother anyone too much.