If I had a daughter, I would sign her up for dance lessons.  I always wanted to take dance lessons.  When I was a little girl, I dreamt of learning ballet.  Instead, I figure skated for a bit, took guitar lessons and played baseball in the summers.  I was pretty good at guitar, not bad at baseball but sucked at figure skating.  Loved to skate but didn’t enjoy the jumps etc. 

I have tried to introduce my 7 year old boy to a bit of everything here and there… but it is tough because he doesn’t really like to play sports.  He is terrified of the ice, of swimming.  He is getting better with the water but on his own terms… not on the instructor’s terms.  I don’t want him to be a quitter… but he would prefer to give up after one session of something because he is just not all that interested.  It’s weird.  I had no choice with what I was signed up for (at least that is what it felt like).  Maybe I had the same attitude as him… maybe that is why I stopped figure skating after four years.

Soccer was a disaster.  I coached the team.  My son was digging in the dirt at the far end of the field.  Or, he was laying in the grass whining.  He hated it.  Swimming was a nightmare.  Parents felt sorry for him because the instructor was so mean to him.  It was like watching a car crash.  Tears and all.  Basketball was not so bad.  He just wasn’t that great at it – which is fine.  But, he didn’t want to sign up for the following session.  There were no tears with basketball at least.  I hope someday that he finds his niche in life.  I am still looking for mine.